The theater performance that connects your guests.

Connect through paper. The origami theater offers inspiring animation that touches everyone’s heart. This mini-theater seeks to connect people through the principle of sharing from Japanese culture. Be challenged to draw a wish, fantasy, or dream on paper. Rest assured; there is an artist hidden in every person. Give the drawing to the theater and discover a world of paper.

Harmonious hands, a will of their own, dancing to the rhythm of soft music. Step by step and then in a flick of the wrist, the paper is folded into an animal, flower, or another origami figure.


Artist’s name: Marieke de Hoop

Company name: Orikadabra Theater Projekten

Show name: Origami theater, ‘Be my Guest’.

Number of players: 1 to 2

Performance times: within a 4-hour part of the day: 3 x 40 min. or 4 x 30 min.

Performance area: 4 x 4 meters, 4 meters high

Technical requirements: none

Environmental factors: no loud music in the vicinity of the performance area

Stage: no stage, it is a mobile animation act. It is a stage itself.